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Black and Grey Tattoos...

Admittedly black and grey is not my strong suit but did 2 today that I really enjoyed.  The first was on a client that didn't even know he was getting tattooed, came as a friend of Mike Luciena's client and let me talk him into getting what I believe to be a pretty cool tattoo.  The second tattoo I am a bit more hesitant to post due to the fact that the client brought in a photo of a pre existing tattoo and wanted it exact.  If i knew who the original artist was I would give credit but alas sometimes the internet does not work that way.  I tried to keep the integrity of the piece as much a s possible.

Peonie and Butterfly...

This was a walk in that request more tribal coming from the pre existing tattoo.  This is what she got, in my opinion way better.

Lotus cover up...

This is a cover up of a bust roman numeral tattoo, one of my personal favorites.

Girl Head and Kablammmmmm....

Here are 2 tattoos on a repeat client, cool guy, fun tattoos.   The florida orange is bright as day, Time Tells pigments, best I have seen in a while.

Never Again...

Redid this fucking great Discharge tattoo, I couldn't say no.  This thing was originally done by Elio Espana on Adam, the original bass player of Agnostic Front.  Brought it back to life after 20 years of hard living.

Zombie Girl Head finished....

Finally finished this tattoo from almost a year ago.  There are a lot of subtle colors used for the bruising that don't really show in the photo.  This is going to turn into a full sleeve, can't wait to continue.

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Her Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Miley Cyrus is clearly addicted to tattoos. It’s never too long before she goes to her tattoo artist to get more ink after a new tattoo. The previous one was done back in February. They’re all starting to add up and she’ll soon look like David Beckham with not much space left. Her latest tattoo is a dream catcher under her right arm. Tattooing that part of the body is said to be quite painful so well done to her for getting quite a big piece in that area. She obviously can take the pain of tattooing.

Miley decided to show off her new dream catcher tattoo on Twitter yesterday and fans have been very supportive saying they love the design. The dream catcher is a symbol of protection and on this instance she explained that it’s protection for her family. She said “It’s a picture of the dream catcher that hangs over her bed with four feathers to represent her four brothers and sisters.”

The former Hannah Montana star has given followers a nice preview of her new dream catcher tattoo. She pretended to be posting a picture of her hairstyle but really wanted to unveil the new tattoo to her followers.

Traditional Dagger and Heart...

No Dame, No Pain, what more can you say?  Did this tattoo today.  My client was mid forties and this was his first tattoo choosing to go big and tough.  Was super pleased with the outcome and pleased to tattoo such a cool person who let me do it the way that I wanted, doesn't happen that often.

Girl head and Scissors....

This is a girl head, those are scissors.

Texas bound!!!

Mr. Benjamin Siebert will moving to Austin, TX at the beginning of this summer. He'll be working with Jason Brooks at his shop, Great Wave Tattoo. We'll miss him dearly, but we're very excited for him and this amazing opportunity! If you have unfinished work from Ben, you still have time to catch him before he moves. This certainly will not be the last we'll see of him. Ben will be coming back up to Wichita to work periodically. Email him at or come by the shop to set up future appointments. We wish Ben all the best and will miss working with one of the funnest guys on the planet!

Family Crest Tattoo...

Started this today.

Tattoos that look like tattoos!

Amongst the many tattoos that were put on here at Hell Bomb last week, a few of them were actually 'tattoos'! At least by a tattooers standard. It's refreshing to have customers who say, "Do your thing, man, I like your work.", and mean it. Take a lesson from these exceptions to the rule. Leave it to the experts... and you will never be dissapointed.
Steven Turner

Heath Leffel

Angelina Jolie's mystery new tattoo

Angelina Jolie's new tattoo has sparked 'seventh child' rumours. Ange has just added a new tattoo to her collection of body art and everyone is wondering what it means. She already has tattoos on her arm to mark the places where her six children were born.

Rather than the names or pictures of kids, she has the official co-ordinates of the birthplaces of her six children: Cambodia for nine-year-old Maddox, Vietnam for seven-year-old Pax, Ethiopia for Zahara, six, Namibia for four-year-old Shiloh, and France for two-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne- all tattooed on her arm. It also looks quite good.

The actress sparked speculation tha she might have adopted again after she added a seventh line to her body art. She's added Brad Pitt's birthplace too according to some reports. Maybe she wanted the family to be complete.

The 35-year-old actress has more than 14 tattoos.

Painting for Marco Serio...

This is a crappy iphone photo of the painting that I have made for Marco Serio for when he visits.  Marco was and always will be a HUGE inspiration in my career and without his help I wouldn't be here, this is just my way of trying to thank him.  Will be making prints if interested.

Amber's mouse...

I got this lovely little mouse business card holder from Amber, what a treat. She made it for me in her taxidermying class.


Did this painting for the shop, might make a banner of this for the New York City Tattoo Convention in May.


Pretty straight up torch with cloud backgrounds.  Going to be finishing this sleeve with a bunch of filler tattoos, should be fun.

30 Glamour Girl Tattoos


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