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Tribal Skull Tattoos Design for Girls

Tribal Skull Tattoos Design: for Girls

The choice of a skull tattoos is always powerful, a statement of leadership, hardness, rebellious, you name it. It�s one of the most difficult design for anyone to deal with. Off course you have no intention of being subjugated to anyone thoughts, ideals or mere politically correct way of life.
That�s why you choose a skull tattoos, pretty much everyone dislikes a Tribal Skull Tattoos Design for Girls doesn�t matter how small or simple the design is, it�s not pretty to the eye, but, once again, that�s exactly what you want� not a beautiful flower to show and smile. Right?

And to commit yourself to a decision like this, you must be fully aware of parlors that can give you what you want with a no less than perfect experience and professionalism.Tell me something, have you ever attended one, just to take a look? To see what�s to be expected, then you know you would have to pay, that seems obvious. Yes it does, only on the world wide web you find free stuff skull tattoos, and that�s good, but what if you come upon a website that requires membership, or something like that, you go back cause everything on the web is for free why not that one too, right? WRONG.

There are few professional site about skull tattoos, sites that provide you with millions of one-of a kind designs made by specialized
professional skull tattoo artists that are at your disposal for any doubt about the professional authenticity of those parlors, and hundreds of diehard fans and other professionals on forums ready to discuss with you what best Tribal Skull Tattoos Design for Girls and where it will fit perfectly.

Zodiac Tattoos for Girls

Zodiac Tattoos for Girls  

Zodiac tattoos have combined ancient beliefs with modern design for many years. For as long as people have been looking at the stars, they have been searching for meaning within them. Zodiacs are just one example of this. Many cultures, including those within China, Persia and India, have zodiacs that have been around for thousands of years. There is also evidence that the cultures of pre-Columbian North America, such as the Maya, the Incas and the Aztecs developed zodiacs based on their own celestial observations.

The zodiac that most people are familiar with is what is now called the Western Zodiac. The western zodiac has its roots in the Helenistic period of Greek culture, and was adopted by the Romans soon after conquering Greece. The Romans renamed the Greek gods within the zodiac and gave the zodiac signs the names that we are all familiar with � Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces.
Each Zodiac sign has a corresponding timeframe on the calendar as well as a corresponding planet. This timeframe is based on the movement of the sun through the stars of the zodiac. In addition to this, the zodiac signs are each assigned a physical element of fire, water, earth or air. The English translation of each Roman name also serves as a corresponding symbol such as a ram, scales or an archer.

Zodiac tattoos have followed in the path of zodiac tradition in many ways. Some people use their zodiac signs and symbols as tattoo designs . A person born in the sign of Scorpio may have several tattoos that include a scorpion in the design. Many people incorporate various aspects of their and their loved ones zodiac signs without using the obvious symbols. The elemental symbolism such as fire, water, air and water can be included in any tattoo in any number of ways. Someone born in a fire sign may incorporate flames in their tattoos, or someone born in an earth sign may include natural elements such as plant life in many of their tattoos.
Below is a list of the signs, elements, symbols and planets of each zodiac sign. Looking through your zodiac sign and those of your loved ones can give you a lot of great ideas for your next tattoo.

Henna Tattoos|Latest Mehndi Pattern Designs

Henna Tattoos|Latest Mehndi Pattern Designs

Henna as it is called in Muslims countries or Mehendi as it is known in India is named in Latin as Lawsonia inermis. This is a plant extensively grown and used in UAE, Africa and India generally for cosmetic purposes as it is considered highly auspicious. Henna is also used as a medicinal plant by Unani and ayurvedic doctors with excellent results.
Henna Tattoos|Latest Mehndi Pattern Designs



Henna As A Temporary Body Tattoo
Mention of henna use can be found as long ago as 1600 BC as it was found that there was a custom among Egyptians to have the Pharaoh�s hands and hair dyed with henna before mummification. In India and many Arabic countries henna is applied as a body tattoo on the palms and forearm as well as the feet on the occasion of wedding and many other auspicious celebrations such as birthdays, celebration of the completion of the seventh month of pregnancy, etc.
There are many ways to create mehendi patterns. Some apply it in bulk creating a big round on the palms and feet. Additionally each finger is coated upto the first bend including the nail with henna. This is mostly seen with the dancers of Indian traditional dances such as Kathak, Oddissi, Kathakali, etc.
During weddings and other similar celebrations, the mehendi is applied in intricate designs drawn with very thin lines with the help of a mehendi cone. These drawings are almost always in the form of symbols through sometimes it has figurines representing weddings and wedding ceremony.
The designs are usually applied to the inside of the palms. However, at weddings the tattooing is extended to the upper hand and it continues all over the forearm. Feet are also decorated in this manner. There are beautiful designs drawn on the feet of the bride that extends until the knee.

The Application Of Mehendi Tattoos And Patterns
The mehendi is prepared in a certain manner, i.e. take a cup of henna leaves and grind it to a paste, add to it the juice of half a lemon, few drops of eucalyptus oil and the paste of about five cloves. Add to it two tablespoons of coffee. Mix thoroughly and the put it in a butter paper mehendi cone. Make a very, very tiny incision at the end of the cone and use it as you would use a pencil to draw on the hand and legs.

Once applied you would need to keep the designed pattern moistened as long as you can. Use a mixture of sugar and lemon water to keep it from drying. In about six hours it would dry up when you could remove the caked henna. The color will continue to darken overnight unless you put water on the decorated body parts.
Nowadays, young people use henna as a body tattoo on other parts of the body � just as a regular tattoo sometimes mixing temporary dyes. You would find such tattoos most common around beaches, parties and other similar occasions. These tattoos like the ones applied on the hands and legs would be visible for about two weeks.

Star Tattoos Designs for Girls

Star Tattoos Designs for Girls

Body art in the form of tattoos are universally popular and a popular choice of design is the star tattoo. Symbolically the star tattoo is said to represent a change of importance in the life of the person getting it done. It can also represent a high point in your life, or a desire to achieve something big. It can represent a goal to be achieved or one that has been achieved with great effort. Women get a star tattooed on the ankle, shoulder, lower back, clavicle, wrist, hips. Men normally get the star tattooed on their side, shoulder back, upper arm and wrist.

There are so many star designs to choose from. The Celtic star design for a tattoo is timeless and universally popular. Another popular option is to get a large star design which normally consists of a group of stars of varying sizes artistically placed within the design. If you are looking for interesting star tattoo designs you can choose one of these:
Nautical Star Tattoo Designs
Nautical stars are excellent adaptations of the star. The design owes its origin to the directional map star which was once upon a time used by Ship captains to help navigate the rough seas. Normally adventure lovers, outdoor people and die hard travelers love to get a nautical star tattooed, since it represents adventure and exploration. As a stand- alone design, it conveys the message of travel and adventure, but it can also be used as a part of a larger design that conveys a more personal message.

 It is a common and popular belief that falling stars represent wishes being fulfilled. A falling star is yet another popular choice for a tattoo design. When properly executed, it is a very bright and happy symbol which looks lovely on the body. A stand alone falling star shows you to be a positive and happy person.
Zodiac and other Star Tattoo Designs
Often astrological symbols like Sagittarius, Aquarius etc. can be combined with stars and made into a tattoo. Stars are combined with flowers, fishes, ribbons or other symbols to make a unique and artistic design. Multiple stars making attractive patterns of large stars getting smaller or vice versa are also very popular.

Feminine Tattoos for Women

Feminine Tattoos for Women

can enhance and beautify a women if chosen right. It can accent her shape and blend in beautifully to create the perfect canvas. Tattoos were once a taboo topic and females were defiantly not the ones to bear them but times have changed and it has become common ground to see a pretty girl with an small tattoo peeking out from behind her clothes. The tattoo she choses and the place she has it can tell you a lot about the women as any tattoo can reveal much about the bearer.

Choosing the right place is vital. Womens bodies change drastically over the period of their lives and the last thing you want is a tattoo that is all stretched out of place for lack of fore thought. When picking the place to apply you tattoo remember some areas are affected by child bearing, such as the breasts, stomach and thigh areas, so unless you are prepared for a malformed tattoo you may want to avoid those areas. Another aspect of placement is cover up.
Will you be able to cover up your tattoo if need be by an employer or another situation? You need to think about the type of employment you hold or will hold in the future and whether or not you will possibly change jobs in the future to one that will not allow a tattoo. A tattoo on the wrist or ankle may seem beautiful to you but may prevent you from gaining the employment that you seek.

have just as much variety to them as any other tattoo but as a female you have to take more into consideration placement. After all, your body goes through many changes over your lifetime that males do not endure and society does not welcome female tattoos as openly as those on their male counterparts.

Wing Tattoos Chest on Girls

Wing Tattoos Chest on Girls

Tattoo wings are becoming more and more popular among tattoo enthusiasts. Men and women both are fascinated by the beauty and elegance of wings. The diversity of tattoo wings ranges from small wings on the ankle to large full back designs. What makes this design so mysterious and alluring?

Both men and women get wing tattoos. Some of the most common bird wings that get inked are crow, eagle, dove, hawk, owl, raven, sparrow, stork, hummingbird, robin, magpie or wren. Ladies also like butterfly wings and both guys and gals are fascinated with having their very own angel wings.
There are many reasons for wanting tattooed wings. It may be for spiritual reasons such as for guidance or protection. Some people like having wings for the feeling of freedom or flight. Other reasons may be because that they are just so unique and fascinating to look at.

Men usually choose to have wings tattooed on their arms, chest or back of shoulders while most women prefer them on their shoulders or abdomen. Other popular places for wings are ankles, legs and lower back. For the true tattoo extremist full back angel wings are their choice of design. One of the most beautiful and sexy tattoo designs are full back angel wings on a woman. There is nothing more heart stopping and jaw dropping than a pair of angel wing tattoos.

Animal Tattoo Designs

Animal Tattoo Designs

If you have a love for tattoos and a love for animals, then why not celebrate the two with an awesome animal tattoo! Here at Tattoo fashion, we aim to create amazing real life animal tattoos that may give you inspiration to get a cool real tattoo.

................ Animal Tattoo Designs ...................


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